Month: November 2015

Why the Church Year, Part 2

Celebrating the Church Year as fully as I can is another way of wisdom that helps me to be “smaller” and tunes the music of my life to the hymn of all creation. By remembering saints’ days , I am reminded that I am surrounded by a chorus of “so great a cloud of witnesses,” — that the goal of life is not happiness or self-satisfaction, but the imitation of Christ. By participating in the seasons, I join in with the Church of God throughout history and submit my soul to the authority of the ages. I am guided in my devotion to Christ, following the tempo and notation of the masters.

Saint Nicholas Day: December 6th

Saint Nicholas Day has come to be one of my favorite Advent traditions.  It is a bright and celebratory spot in the waiting weeks of Advent, and it reminds us of a man of faith who loved, and brought joy to, children.  There are many great resources about Saint Nicholas: Saint Nicholas Center – A site packed full of information on “the original Santa Claus,” with lots of information on Saint Nicholas, and ideas for activities, food, and other ways to celebrate. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend – This story elaborates on the idea that Saint Nicholas’ good works and generosity all stemmed from his love for God. The Baker’s Dozen – My favorite St. Nicholas Day story, about a baker who learns to be generous and open-hearted the hard way.  The illustrations in this book are stunning. In past years, we have done homemade gifts for all of our kid friends, and delivered them on Saint Nicholas Day, with a little note.  Since we have a new baby in the house …