Family Prayer

The great Anglican Jeremy Taylor said, “I had rather your prayers should be often than long.” What good advice for families who realize that if our prayers together are to be very long, they probably won’t happen very often (or be very joyful when they do). We’re always thankful for the shortest form of Family Prayer found at the back of the 1928 Prayer Book (you can find a printable below).

Morning and evening prayer have been priorities (more like obligations, really) for Christians since the early days of the church. And while the full daily office (i.e. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer) may be too long for our children to start out with, that shortest form of family prayer gives us a foundation. From there, we can be building up — canticle by canticle, element by element — to lead our children toward the full daily office.

Below are some of our resources to help build the habit of Family Prayer. We can be encouraged by the words of Julian of Norwich, “Full glad and merry is Our Lord of our prayer.”

Book of Common Prayer

Family Prayer Booklets

More Family Prayer



  1. Love your posts. So wonderful to see a group of women celebrating the traditional faith in their homes. We are a small parish in Henderson, NV near Las Vegas. If you ever have reason to be in our neighborhood, know that you have a church home in Nevada! Erin Giles, Jesus the Good Shepherd in Henderson, NV

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