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Family Prayer Printable

We are thankful to Dcn. Isaac Chavez for answering our questions on Family Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer. Here are the links to his posts:


To aid your family’s endeavors to incorporate Family Prayer into your daily life, we created a printable with the “most convenient” (i.e. shortest) form of Family Prayer. It can be printed (and perhaps laminated), so that it can be easily picked up in the morning and evening.

Family Prayer Printable

We would also love to know your thoughts on how to build regular prayer into the daily life of your family. Please comment below!


  1. We are completely new to Anglicanism, and really appreciate the completeness of the Morning Prayer service. We don’t have prayer books yet, but we use the Mission of St. Clare link each morning after breakfast. We homeschool our teenaged daughter, so this is easy for us to fit in, although, we rarely read through the Commemoration. It takes us about 30 minutes when we include the canticles, and we each take a turn offering up prayers for our family, friends, church and school day in the section after the Collect of the week and the day. It has been a fruitful addition to our morning routine. 🙂

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