Candlemas, coloring page
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Candlemas 2021

Happy Candlemas! Today, we’re sharing a charming new coloring page from Michelle Abernathy Art (and consequently updating this site for the first time since May!).

Download the Candlemas proverb coloring page here.

What are your plans for today? Besides this coloring page, in my home, we’ll be praying this Candlemas Family Liturgy for evening prayer. I’m planning a candlelit breakfast-for-dinner with the traditional crepes. And, last night, I filled some birthday balloons with water so that we can put out ice luminaries this evening in our front yard. We’ll see how that works out.

Here is a link to last year’s quick Candlemas post (which includes links to all of our resources for this feastday.)

“Today as we bear in our hands lighted candles, how can we not fail to remember that venerable old man Simeon who on this day held the child Jesus in his arms — the Word who was latent in a body, as light is latent in a wax candle — and declared him to be ‘the light to enlighten the nations.’ Indeed, Simeon was himself a bright and shining lamp bearing witness to the Light. . .

Behold then, the candle alight in Simeon’s hands. You must light your own candles by enkindling them at his, those lamps which the Lord commanded you to bear in your hands. So come to him and be enlightened that you do not so much bear lamps as become them, shining within yourselves and radiating light to your neighbors. May there be a lamp in your heart, in your hand and in your mouth: let the lamp in your heart shine for yourself, the lamp in your hand and mouth shine for your neighbors. The lamp in your heart is a reverence for God inspired by faith; the lamp in your hand is the example of a good life; and the lamp in your mouth is the words of consolation you speak.”

Guerric Igny


  1. Such a helpful set of resources, thanks! This year was the first year we really celebrated, as heaven knows we could all use any festival of light we can pull off after this long, hard stretch. We took a suggestion from Catholic All Year and spent the day by candlelight, with no electrical light — definitely not a historical practice, but fun for the kids. Next year I’ll be better prepared with your resources. And I didn’t know about that TS Eliot poem – I love reading his magi poem at Epiphany and Four Quartets on Good Friday.

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    • I love the idea of spending the day by candlelight! Our crepe dinner by candlelight was a hit. Another thing we randomly did: we melted down the ends of our beeswax Advent candles (I had 3 years worth!) into a purple “Lenten candle.”

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  2. BrianForbesColgate says

    Thanks for this. I have sent the link along to my elder bairn. She was baptized on Candlemas in 1984.


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