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A Quick Post for Candlemas

Tomorrow, February 2nd, is Candlemas! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At right is the painting I’m printing out for picture study– Simeon and Anna at the Temple by Rembrandt (1627).  We’ll see if it works out as well this time to print it through Walgreens (In this post, I explain my goal to print out more great art for feast days).

This year, I’m rolling some beeswax candles to take to our blessing at church tomorrow morning. We’ve used the Toadily Handmade Advent candle kit for the past two years. Last year (2018), I let my kids help me make them and the candles melted very very fast. But, this past year (2019), I was amazed how long the candles lasted when I tightly rolled them, so I decided to buy the kit with the natural beeswax color. Today, I will let my kids each make their own token candle– that I will expect to swiftly melt — and I’ll keep the rest to roll on my own at a good time.These will be the candles that we use throughout the year for our family prayer.

I realized that our list of Candlemas posts was not updated in the menu — whoops! Here are all the posts that we have from when we started this website:

Candlemas Vigil Candle Printable — This links you to the vigil candle printables from Sleightholm Folk Art and Esther Bley Designs (picture on right).

A Candlemas Gift from Hearthstone Fables (Candle Printables)– Here is the printable from last year from Hearthstone Fables.


The Meaning of Candlemas 

In this post, our priest Fr. Wayne McNamara explains the theology of Candlemas:

“Candlemas articulates the necessary future of this beautiful Light coming into the world. Our celebrations so far have dwelt on the joyful implications of the Son of God’s arrival, our redemption, salvation, and deliverance. Candlemas reiterates in a pointed way that the coming of the Lord includes difficult things – the persecutions of Jesus in His ministry and the call of the Christ to suffer the Cross. Candlemas rounds our our thoughts regarding the significance of the Word become flesh, and moves us forward to Lent.”


Candlemas: Celebrating at Home (Coloring Page)

At this link, we have the Candlemas coloring page from Michelle Abernathy art.

You can also download the Candlemas family liturgy.

And, I’m just going to copy/paste the beautiful excerpt from a sermon by Guerric Igny that I posted last year:

“Today as we bear in our hands lighted candles, how can we not fail to remember that venerable old man Simeon who on this day held the child Jesus in his arms — the Word who was latent in a body, as light is latent in a wax candle — and declared him to be ‘the light to enlighten the nations.’ Indeed, Simeon was himself a bright and shining lamp bearing witness to the Light. . .

Behold then, the candle alight in Simeon’s hands. You must light your own candles by enkindling them at his, those lamps which the Lord commanded you to bear in your hands. So come to him and be enlightened that you do not so much bear lamps as become them, shining within yourselves and radiating light to your neighbors. May there be a lamp in your heart, in your hand and in your mouth: let the lamp in your heart shine for yourself, the lamp in your hand and mouth shine for your neighbors. The lamp in your heart is a reverence for God inspired by faith; the lamp in your hand is the example of a good life; and the lamp in your mouth is the words of consolation you speak.”

Don’t forget to read T.S. Eliot’s Song for Simeon!

What are your Candlemas plans?



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    Thank you so much. I am in grad school at the moment and having these items to read and share is sometimes the most interaction I get in a day.

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