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Candlemas Resources

We celebrate Candlemas on February 2nd. If you’re interested in learning more about this feast day, here is a post from Fr. Wayne McNamara on The Meaning of Candlemas. Here are photos from last year’s Candlemas Celebration, with sermon excerpts from Fr. Isaac Chavez. Also, if you’re interested in a way to celebrate Candlemas in your home, here are Candlemas Printables  for vigil candles from Esther Bley Designs and Heather Sleightholm of Sleightholm Folk Art. T.S. Eliot wrote this beautiful poem which is perfect for Candlemas. Read it in tandem with the Nunc Dimmitis  A Song for Simeon Lord, the Roman hyacinths are blooming in bowls and The winter sun creeps by the snow hills; The stubborn season has made stand. My life is light, waiting for the death wind, Like a feather on the back of my hand. Dust in sunlight and memory in corners Wait for the wind that chills towards the dead land. Grant us thy peace. I have walked many years in this city, Kept faith and fast, provided for the poor, Have taken …

Love In Our Midst: The Good Samaritan

God is raising the world up to glory, and bringing glory to the Earth. That is one of the hopes that come in the Gospel of Christ. But it is a hard statement to understand in the midst of all the chaos and heartache of this week’s events in our country. What does God’s victory over the world and the evil one and sin look like in our situation? We don’t seem to see great miracles like the apostles and prophets witnessed. And it sometimes does feel like darkness is overcoming the light, and the kingdom of righteousness is retreating from the battlefield. So where is the effects of the Easter victory we proclaim and celebrate every Sunday?