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Holy Week in the Domestic Church

I can hardly believe that Palm Sunday is in a few days. This is going to be a very brief post sharing what we have available here on this site to help us celebrate Holy Week at home this year.


Family Prayer for Holy Week and Easter

Last year, I put together a this family prayer booklet  to help families go through the collects and events of Holy Week. It’s essentially family prayer from the 1928 Prayer Book. The suggested readings follow the events of each day of Holy Week. I’m also going to print out the images above. I formatted an image a day with the collect for the day and we will look at the painting during our family prayer time. I’ll then display it on our “little oratory” throughout the day.

Here is the Holy Week Family Prayer Booklet (and here it is as a PDF with pages arranged as booklet)

Here are the Holy Week images with collects.

(Please email me at if you would like any of these files in another format — publisher document, jpg, etc.)

Palm Sunday

Our church is delivering Holy Week packages this year, so we will actually have a palm (or a few?). We’ll make crosses out of them. I also have wheatgrass in the freezer, since I didn’t make an Easter garden last year. We will put together our Easter garden.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Holy Week

Last year, I wrote about discovering the tradition of spring cleaning on these days of Holy Week. Read more here.


The Holy Triduum

Our church will be doing some services via Zoom for these days — the stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, Tenebrae on Good Friday, the Vigil on Holy Saturday. I’m grateful that last year, Michelle Abernathy created this coloring page. This year, we can color and talk with our children about what would normally be happening at church.


Books & Music for Holy Week: Throughout the week, we will be singing and listening to our favorite music for Holy Week. I will also pull out all of our favorite children’s books. 

Additionally, here is an excellent guest post written this year to help families observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since the resources that I’ve listed above rest upon the assumption of attending Holy Week services at church, I’m planning on filling in my family’s observances from some of the ideas in that post. 





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