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Candlemas Printables

We are excited today to bring you some Candlemas printables to aid your celebration of this Festival of Light.  Folk artist Heather Sleightholm of Audrey Eclectic kindly agreed to create a special piece of art just for us!  Her lovely drawing of the presentation of Christ in the temple, the ultimate Light coming into the world, is available to you as a coloring page, or a sticker to decorate your family’s vigil candle for the year.

At our parish, Christ the King, we will be creating vigil candles for each family during Sunday School on January 31, and then our priest will do the Blessing of the Candles during our service.  My family is excited to have this special candle in our home this year to remind us that we can bring all our cares to Christ.

There are two different artwork designs, a black and white design by Heather that can be colored and a full color piece by me.  They are formatted two to a page to fit onto a standard vigil candle, such as these.

Candlemas from Audrey Eclectic

Candlemas Printable from Esther Bley

Enjoy, and please let us know how you use these in your home.


  1. We printed the images onto Avery sticker paper; you should be able to get it at an office supply store. If you have Mod Podge lying around, that would probably work as well. Enjoy!


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  3. Your art is beautiful, Bley! As I have no idea where to find vigil candles here in Japan, I’ll attach these to a larger glass jar and place in the center of our Advent wreath with the other candles removed. Thank you for bringing us light through your work 🙂


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