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Prayer Beads for Kids

One of my goals this Lent is to spend more time in prayer.  My husband gifted me a beautiful set of Anglican prayer beads for Christmas, and the practice of using the beads and ages old prayers, in a rhythmic, defined manner, has made prayer more accessible to me.  And so I am much more inclined to spend time doing it!

As I’ve been keeping them around on my desk areas for use, my charming and curious children have asked me what they are for, and so I decided to make them some of their own.  I was somewhat surprised that they were interested, but we ran with it, and came up with these simple circlets for their use.


These can be made out of anything, and would be a fun Lenten family activity, or perhaps a surprise in their Easter basket?  Use what you have on hand; plastic pony beads in two colors on a piece of yarn would work just fine. The important thing is to place your beads in this form:


For each of the four separate categories of bead on the chain, a different prayer is said.  I have formatted a handful of these prayers as printables for the children to use with their beads.  If you have children who can read, this would make for a great read-aloud practice. Use them as a family, and have the kids take turns each reading one of the four parts.

Kids Prayer Cards

As always, adapt it to your family’s needs; sometimes this means waiting for a bit more maturity down the road!


  1. Michelle says

    We used prayer beads as part of our nightly Lenten practice last year. Since the girls were 4 and 2, we used a very simple method. We usually started with a creed (probably Nicene, can’t remember) and Our Father and for each decade we prayed certain things: 1st section we thanked God for something (we usually only chose one thing per person, but ideally you could get through the whole decade), 2nd we asked God to bless family members, 3rd we asked God to bless friends, and 4th we offered petitions. It was a nice practice, but difficult to keep up every night.


  2. Gill says

    There is an excellent free downloadable booklet on prayer beads at
    The post is from March 6, 2009 “Christian Prayer Beads” and is still available even though the blog itself is discontinued. I found it most informative and helpful.


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