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Celebrating Christmastide: The 12 Days of Christmas


We are finally here: the waiting is over, our Savior has come, and we celebrate!  The season of Christmastide gives us 12 days in which to fully feast and remember the King’s birth.

Here are a few suggestions for various activities and the significance of each day during Christmastide, from Full Homely Divinity.

One idea is to share the true meaning of the 12 days of Christmas with friends and family.  Did you know that in 16th century England, the song was used to teach children their Roman Catholic catechism in code?  Read more about that history here.

I designed these 12 Days of Christmas Cards with these things in mind.  Use them to color yourself, or have your children color them to send to friends and family this Christmas season.  You could also make them into ornaments to add to your tree.

Merry Christmas, from all of us at The Homely Hours.



  1. Love these! My kids really love the Advent activity we did all through December (the Jesse Tree) and now that Advent is over we’re all sad because we have no fun activity to do as a family! So I think next Christmas we’ll color these and hang them on the tree each day of Christmas. These are great!


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