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Epiphanytide: Three Kings Crowns

The Epiphany, or The Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles, is celebrated on January 6, with the season of Epiphanytide running through Shrove Tuesday.  There are several events in the life of Christ that we celebrate during this time, where He revealed Himself as the Saviour to both Jews and Gentiles.  The first is the visit of the Magi to see the newborn Christ.

To mark this day in our family, we usually wear crowns, and dress up as kings and queens, to remember the visit of the Magi.  Some years, we have saved a special present for our children from Christmas, and given it to them on Epiphany.  I created these crowns in case you would like an easy way to remember and talk about the visit of the Magi with your own children.

KingsCrown – There are three crowns in different color ways included in the file for you to print at will.

We share these resources and ideas with the understanding that celebrations do not always have to be elaborate to be meaningful.  The simplest effort is often the best, and we hope that we do not add to an ever-growing “To do” list, but serve as an encouragement instead.


I am a wife, mother of six, freelance artist, and flower farmer wannabe. My passions are faith, family, our farm in rural Ohio, and making beautiful artwork. It's even better when I can combine all four! To see more of my design work please visit my portfolio site, Esther Bley Designs:


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