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Building Family Culture and Making Music

The Baughams are a Christ the King family  who are always blessing our church through their musical talents. Pam, the mother, is a part of Sweet Betsy, a local folk duo, and David (David Baugham Music ) won several large Dayton competitions that included a cd recording and release party (as pictured above. Photo Credit: Jessie Evanhoe). As we considered this series on family culture, the Baughams were one of the first families to come to mind because they seem to have a very distinct family culture and everyone identifies them with music. We are grateful that they agreed to answer a few of our questions together.

If there were a “Baugham Family Band,” how would you introduce each one of you?
Andy, “Ace the Poet/Rapper”
Anna, “The Songbird on Uke”
David,”Lead guitarist, creative Instrumentalist”
Ben, “Self taught ocarinist, author and illustrator”
Pam, “The Muse” (Beymomce)
Jeff, “Manager/ Roadie”
Has playing/singing music always been something that you’ve done together? If so, what did that look like when the kids were little? 
Our kids have always attended my (Pam) performances with Mike McDermott in Sweet Betsy since they were very young, and we would take them to all kinds of mostly free music events around town as they were growing up…soul, folk, bluegrass festivals, you name it. We like to think that their love and appreciation for all kinds of music was helped by doing that.
Do you set up “jam sessions” or is it mostly always spontaneous?
Spontaneous! Someone will start tapping a beat,singing a line or playing a riff on guitar and if it’s catchy enough -it catches on! If someone is playing their own song someone else will usually just join in on whatever instrument they can to accompany. Since none of us really read music very well, we play by ear adding in what sounds good as we go along.
What is your favorite music to play with each other? 
Alternative Folk and Hymns
If anyone wanted to listen to members of the Baugham Family Band (together or apart), could you provide some links?  
What are your favorite memories of making music together? 
Playing for Mormons on our front porch while discussing theology, David’s CD release Party where we all played a celtic lullaby and singing and playing under the boardwalk at Riverscape.

Thank you to the Baugham family for giving us a glimpse into their musical family culture! 

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