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A Productive Home

When my oldest two children went to school, my unspoken daily goal was to bring my home back to a “showpiece” state every morning after they left.  Problem was, I still have several young children and babies at home, so you can imagine the tension this created.  Our visual culture tells us that to be a “successful” homemaker (and this does not just apply to stay at home moms, but any person who has a home), our home needs to look Pinterest perfect all the time.


Home in our culture is no longer a place of production.  The only “meaningful” things that happen at home anymore have been relegated to hobby status: cooking, crafting, the cult of organization.  All of our modern conveniences have ensured that housework can be done in the minimal amount of time, so we can move on to more important things.  And I enjoy the benefits of this, as we all should.

But what if Home was meant to remain productive?  What if the messes that are created daily at home are not just inconveniences to be gotten through and cleaned up, but indicative of the expansion of our imagination?   And isn’t our own continuing self-education, as well as the education of our children, dependent upon nurturing our imagination?

Will you join me in trying to create a productive home?  If you have something you would like to share on this topic, please email us at  Or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #theproductivehome.



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I am the wife of Dan, mother of five, and a freelance artist. My passions are faith, family, and making beautiful patterns. It's even better when I can combine all three! To see more of my design work please visit my portfolio site, Esther Bley Designs:

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