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Celebrating St. Lucy at Our House

Auntie Leila wisely counsels:

“The Church has provided us with all we need and we don’t have to manufacture any feelings about it. Follow her lead in worship. That is, follow her in the celebration of the mysteries, the readings appointed for each day and each hour, and the prayers that gently and peacefully direct our gaze where it needs to be. Be attentive: Wisdom!

Bring this objectivity into the home with simple, liturgy-related traditions (and yes, a few little crafts, perhaps, and I will touch on those later) that appeal to you and your husband. Keep things old-fashioned so that, paradoxically, they remain timeless and universal. Make your devotions few and meaningful to your time and place. (E.g. if you are Swedish, then go for the daring St. Lucy crown of lit candles on a toddling girl’s head this December 13, but if you are not, don’t worry about it too much.)”

Well, part of my family is Swedish. When I was reading this, I thought to myself, I should ask my Swedish cousin how she celebrates St. Lucy. So, I wrote her a quick question on Facebook. She told me about how every child in Sweden can sing the Lucia song; how when she was young, she was chosen as a Lucia (even though all the blond girls were chosen first). And, she went out and bought Lucia dresses and a crown for my daughters. I guess they are currently on their way from Sweden! So kind! And then, my great aunt decided to give us the sweetest Lucia ornament and the most quaint tablecloth (pictured below). So, anyway, we did very little for St. Nicholas, but I think St. Lucy is a feast day that is “meaningful to our time and place.” Here are a few photos of our morning.


I printed out Bley’s lovely St Lucy Crown  and Michelle’s St. Lucy Coloring Page.  I really love both of these resources.

This morning, my mom came over to see my girls dressed up as St. Lucy. My two year old held out her crown and solemnly told my mom, “God made my crown.” (How are you supposed to respond to that?)


Look at the St. Lucy ornament from my great aunt. Isn’t she charming?! My girls have been (gently) playing with her. My two year old keeps calling her “St. Goosey.”


This little painting Bley did needs a little more attention. Isn’t she sweet?


We made cinnamon buns from a can. Sometimes, you just can’t do everything. Here is breakfast for Daddy on my Ikea tray (there are some times when buying everything from Ikea makes you feel very authentic). It’s on my new tablecloth from my great aunt.


The tablecloth needs more attention, too. I love it so much. It’s so Elsa Beskow. Thank you, Aunt Kathy!


Here is my almost 5 year old, wearing a way too big white dress I found from Goodwill yesterday.


And my girls are currently watching Lucia in Sweden on YouTube, which is how I am able to write this post. Happy St. Lucy’s Day!

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  1. Kathy Simons says

    So glad you share your love of God and celebrating a Swedish tradition! LOVE to you all!


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