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Nativity Artwork for Children (and their Grownups!)

We have had some time this Advent in our elementary Sunday School class while we practice our Christmas play and music, so we decided to do some special projects to share, because I deeply believe that Advent is for making.

I thought it would be fun to share a few step-by-steps for making these simple nativities with children and/or adults.  With a bit of advance planning, we completed these in about 20 minutes, leaving us with enough time for some singing and play prep.  This coming Sunday we will wrap them, and send them home to place under the Christmas tree.

Do let us know if you make these!  You can tag us on Instagram @thehomelyhours, or leave us a comment here with a picture.


8″ x 10″ canvas panel for each person (get them on sale; they are almost always on sale:)

Acrylic paint in: white, turquoise, gold, yellow, orange, brown.

Paintbrush for each person

Paper towels

Aluminum foil

Aprons and patience!


Step 1: Before your class or gathering, prep your canvas backgrounds by painting them with white, turquoise, and brown.  Don’t overthink this; just squirt a bit of each, and paint up and down to cover:)

Step 2:  At each person’s place put: a brush; a large paper towel (use the paper towel to wipe brush between colors, thus avoiding the necessity of water cups, which are never a good idea:); a piece of tin foil (squirt a dollop of each paint color except turquoise on for a disposable palette); prepared canvas.

Step 3:  Demonstrate the painting steps as follows, and be sure to emphasize simplicity and fun; enjoy the children’s conversation as they decide whether to include Mary and Joseph, where or if to put an angel, what color skin Jesus may have had, etc.

IMG_8044  IMG_8045

Paint manger                               Add highlights

IMG_8047  IMG_8048

Paint hay in/around manger      Paint Jesus’ head

IMG_8049  IMG_8051

Paint heads of Mary/Joseph        Paint Jesus’ swaddling clothes; Mary’s clothes

IMG_8052  IMG_8053

Paint Joseph’s clothes                   Add sheep if desired


Add gold and light yellow for straw


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