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“Life by the Kalendar”

From Spiritual Proficiency, by Martin Thornton:

” ‘The Christian is, in one sense, successively becoming what, in another sense, he already is. He increasingly makes his own the supernatural and eternal life which is the life of God. Hence on the supernatural plane he transcends the separation of past-present-and-future.’ [Mascall]

The importance of this theology is that the Church’s year, incorporated in the Kalendar, is of private as well as corporate significance. In practice, life in the Church, and recollection of that life, means life by the Kalendar and we must believe that the little bit of time-space experience we call ‘June the twenty-ninth’ really means something definite to all the saints in heaven and to St. Peter in particular. The Office and Mass on that day, and therefore our private prayer as well, are no bare memorial to one of the Apostles, but the expression of this time-eternal, earth-heaven, nature-grace, link. . .

. . . the Church’s Kalendar provides not just a useful means of conducting services in an orderly way, but a practical basis for our grasping eternity in our earthly lives. . . We should look on each Saint’s Day with as much joy as we look on our birthday or wedding anniversary. And, of special significance here, we should begin every day with clear knowledge of what it is in the whole threefold Church, especially as recollective prayer in times of holiday or relaxation of Rule. It may seem a bit strange to decide to spend the Friday after the fifth Sunday after Trinity on the beach with the children, but is a most real aid in the colouring of our whole life with the tints of the eternal presence of Christ. And here is a most valuable hint on the gentle art of breaking Rule, the ‘technique of not going to Church’: never miss going to Mass on ‘Sunday” — if something goes wrong, or in cases of illness, we must try to be conscious that we are missing, not Sunday, but Trinity X, or Lent II, or Epiphany IV or whatever it is.”

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