Saviour of the Nations, Come

Savior of the Nations, Come is attributed to Ambrose of Milan, the father of Latin hymnody (340-397). The Latin of Veni, Redemptor genitum was translated into German by Martin Luther. Most English translations have been shaped by Luther’s German translation.

Savior of the nations, come;
Show the glory of the Son!
Ev’ry people, stand in awe;
Praise the perfect Son of God.

Not of human seed, or worth,
but of God’s own mystic breath,
Fruit of Mary’s womb began
When God breathed the Word, His Son.

God the Father’s precious Son
Girds Himself in flesh to run;
Riding out, returning home
As the Savior who has come.

Praise to God here everyone.
God the Father, God the Son.
God the Holy Ghost adore;
Praise them now and evermore!