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Baking Bread for Maundy Thursday

On Holy Wednesday, we gathered with our young children to prepare for the rest of Holy Week, through baking bread that would be used for our communion service on Maundy Thursday and hearing a Godly Play lesson.


The children listened to the account of the Twelve gathering with Jesus in the Upper Room.


Then, we went to the church kitchen to bake bread.


We used the recipe from Bethany at a Spoon Full of Yum that we posted yesterday.


We ended up with these artfully formed, practically unmouthed (oh, toddlers) rolls of dough!


Here is our bread before some of the older children processed to present it to our priest during the offertory. It was special for them to be able to participate so integrally in our Maundy Thursday service!

Disclaimer to those who partook: All little hands were washed in the making of this bread and the oven was at 500 degrees.


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