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Great Prayer Book Online Resources

During Lent, I (Amanda) started a practice of knitting while listening to the Cradle of Prayer, recordings of the 1928 Prayer Book daily offices. I was surprised by how much joy and peace this practice brought to my days.  (And, I found my three year old would sometimes even quietly play and listen!) The possibility of listening to the Daily Offices — though it seems so obvious, like “why haven’t I always done this?” — has been rather revolutionary for me.

So, we’ve put together a list of some great online resources and apps that may help you to “dwell richly” in the Scriptures through prayer, by means of the wise ordering of the Prayer Book.

The Cradle of Prayer

The Cradle of Prayer uses the 1928 Prayer Book (for those of you who aren’t Anglican, this is the version that sounds like the KJV Bible — “vouchsafe,” “succour,” and lots of “beseeching”). The best thing about the Cradle of Prayer is that they include a hymn and the canticles are sung (she cycles through the chant tones). They also have a “Canticle Tutor” on their website, so that you can sing and learn the tones. The priests who run the ministry are the Rev. Paul Blankinship and the Rev. Gavin Dunbar, with cantor Stacey Stephens.

The Trinity Mission

The Trinity Mission offers morning, midday and evening offices based in the Anglican Church of North America Prayer Book. The readings for the daily offices come from a lectionary (an order of Scripture readings) that they created (read more about their rationale here). In addition to the Daily Office recordings, make sure you check out the resources on their page, especially this guide to Creating a Rule of Life ). Fr. Michael Jarrett is the director of The Trinity Mission (and Erica Jarrett, of Liturgy of Life, who wrote this great post for us on Prayer Habits for Parents is his wife).

Mission of St. Clare

If you’d rather read the Daily Office, the Mission of St. Clare is a great option. I do appreciate as well how they include recordings of hymns and canticles, so that you can read it yourself and then listen to recordings. The website itself isn’t the most intuitive, but there are many great resources available on it.

Daily Prayer

The Official app for the Church of England, this is also a good option for reading the offices. You can decide which Prayer Book service (traditional Book of Common Prayer or Contemporary/Common Worship prayer book).

For more resources, check out this extensive list of Daily Office Apps from Living Church.

What other BCP online resources would you recommend?




  1. This is a great list ~ As a new Anglican looking for guidance on incorporating Morning Prayer in our family’s daily life, I found most of these over the course of a few months, but had not found The Cradle of Prayer. I’m looking forward to listening! Thanks for all that you do to make it easier for our family to embrace Anglicanism. 🙂

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  2. I’ve never thought about listening to the prayers, either! What a great idea! I just listened to midday prayer while cleaning the kitchen after putting the kiddos down for naps. Perfect! Thanks! I have used Mission St. Clare off and on for years (they have an app which is great when nursing a baby) but the others are new to me.


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  4. Fr. Ben says has the new ACNA Offices, with the readings from theACNA Daily Office Lectionary all in-line, and it loads the right office automatically according to time of day.


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