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It’s Almost Rogation Sunday…

Rogation Sunday is this upcoming Sunday, May 21st. If you’re curious about the Rogation Days, we have the post for you: What Are The Rogation Days?  You’ll learn about “the beating of the bounds,” “Rammalation Biscuits,” and how the Rogation Days started.


In addition, last year, Bley designed a free prayer bunting printable. You can print it and hang it around your home and garden. “The first page has a few prayers already included on the flags, and the remaining two pages have room to write your own prayers, and for children of non-writing age to draw their prayers.  Just another visible reminder of our responsibility to pray always for our neighbors, communities, and society at large.”


The Rogation Days are times that we become attuned, even in our modern age, to our dependency upon the earth and agriculture.


John Cuddeback of Bacon from Acorns has been posting a great series on Why Everyone Should Garden. In Gardening Teaches Humility and Prayer, he says:

The gardener knows as he plants his seeds that great powers are at work: in the seed, in the soil, in the sky. And if he is like the sensible farmer of whom Xenophon speaks, he will see his absolute dependence, in his work, on powers that transcend him and his work.

The humble man is close to the earth, and the man close to the earth is humble. The word humble is from the word for soil–humus. But true humility never means aiming low. It means aiming high, with full understanding that we achieve what is great only by a power greater than our own, and by our being willing to plead, regularly, for assistance.



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