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Michaelmas is on Friday!

Last year, we put together a few great posts to give your family simple traditions and ideas for celebrating Michaelmas.

Courtesy of Phil James, here is a fantastic booklet that he wrote of his family’s Michaelmas traditions. Be sure to read our interview with him and download the booket on preparing for Michaelmas with your children:

They already know that there are things present, which no eye can see. We don’t have to teach our children that the world is really (really) enchanted, personal and meaningful. We simply need to preserve what they know to be true. Of course after climbing out of the hole dug for us by Modernity, it is a great and necessary blessing to teach them of the one who makes it true. In our society Mom and Dad purposefully setting aside an evening to affirm their own belief in angels is about as odd as it gets. Hard to think of a better endorsement than that.


Dragon Bread for Michaelmas

Here is Bley’s post on how her family celebrates this day.

Our resulting dragon bread is “slayed” by one or other of the children, to remember how Michael and the other angels cast out the devil, and then we feast.  We hope it is a reminder to our children of the heavenly beings who fight battles unseen to us, and for us; and a call to courage in our own lives, to face down the dragons we may encounter daily.

How does your family celebrate Michaelmas? 

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