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If You’re Looking for All Saints’ Ideas….

All Saints’ Day is coming up on November 1st! I thought it would be helpful to put together a quick post with the resources that we have for the day.

Preparing for All Saints’

Last year, I wanted to prepare a little more for All Saints’ — make a bigger deal of explaining why we celebrate this day. So, I wrote a series of daily thoughts to read to my kids in the week beforehand. Here are the topics for each day:

  1. What is a saint? (on holiness and wholeness)
  2. Lots of Different Saints (on the variety among God’s saints)
  3. How to Be a Saint (on The Communion of the Saints and the Beatitudes)
  4. Welcoming the Saints (on the question, why do so many saints die for Jesus?)
  5. Death and the Saints (on why sometimes it’s not easy to want to be a saint)
  6. Dealing with Scary Things and Halloween (self-explanatory)
  7. Today is the Day! (on doing small things with great love)

If you’re interested, you can download “Welcoming the Saints” here.


Here is our post on All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints’ Day: Anglican Links and Quotations. It contains some really good quotations from Full Homely Divinity, C.S. Lewis, and N.T. Wright.

When we started this site, Bley put together this post with Stories of the Saints, and Costumes! In these last few years, we’ve definitely all added to our picture books of saints library, but she lists some great ones.

Lastly, All Saints Day has become much more important to me as I’ve learned more about the saints throughout the year. Ending in August, I finished writing short summaries of all the “saints and blesseds” included in the Whithorn Press Ordo Calendar. Now, instead of a weekly blogpost, we have a weekly email sent out on Sunday morning with the collect and assigned saints for the week. If you’re interested in receiving that email, you can subscribe to our weekly guide here. 

Two More Quotes on Saints from C.S. Lewis 

From Letters to Malcolm:

“My grandfather, I’m told, used to say he ‘looked forward to having some very interesting conversations with St. Paul when he got to heaven. Two clerical gentlemen talking at ease in a club! It never seemed to cross his mind that an encounter with St. Paul might be rather an overwhelming experience even for an Evangelical clergyman of good family. But when Dante saw the great apostles in heaven they affected him like mountains. There’s lots to be said against devotions to saints; but at least they keep on reminding us that we are very small people compared with them. How much smaller before their Master?”

From The Great Divorce:

joy (1)

“Some kind of procession was approaching us, and the light came from the persons who composed it. . . only partly do I remember the unbearable beauty of her face.

‘Is it? . . . is it?’ I whispered to my guide.

‘Not at all,’ said he. ‘It’s someone ye’ll never have heard of. Her name on Earth was Sarah Smith and she lived at Golders Green.’

‘She seems to be . . . well, a person of particular importance?’

‘Aye. She is one of the great ones. Ye have heard that fame in this country and fame on Earth are two quite different things. . . ‘

‘And who are all these young men and women on each side?’

‘They are her sons and daughters.’

‘She must have had a very large family, sir.’

‘Every young man or boy that met her became her son — even if it was only the boy that brought the meat to her back door. Every girl that met her was her daughter.’

‘Isn’t that a bit hard on their own parents?’

‘No. There are those who steal other people’s children. But her motherhood was of a different kind. Those on whom it fell went back to their natural parents loving them more. Few men looked on her without becoming, in a certain fashion, her lovers. But it was the kind of love that made them not less true, but truer, to their own wives.’

‘What are all these animals?. . .’

‘Every beast and bird that came near her had its place in her love. In her they became themselves. And now the abundance of life she has in Christ from the Father flows over into them.’

I looked at my Teacher in amazement.

. . . ‘Redeemed humanity is still young, it has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things of the universe into life.’ ”

What are your traditions for All Saints’ Day? What are your favorite quotes about the saints? Please share and comment below!




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